Looking Inward


“We’ve not evolved to be perfect, happy creatures. We are messy, complicated things.”

It’s amazing how everyone wants to change the world, isn’t it? It actually almost always shows a complete lack of self-awareness; most people go their whole lives without ever truly or deeply looking inward. They’re looking outward, looking outward, thinking that–out there–is the source of their unhappiness, but if they ever looked inward they’d realize it almost entirely exists within themselves. What happens when we have masses of people who’ve never looked inward? We get unhappy people blaming their unhappiness on “the world”. We get miserable feminists blaming the patriarchy. We get miserable teenagers blaming their parents. We get miserable liberals blaming sexism, misogyny, homophobia, racism, privilege, transphobia, as if if all these things went away we’d all be happy, our minds would be satisfied. These people have never looked inward: the mind is never satisfied and there’s always SOMETHING to blame for it.


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